The window on the soul



Now.. Imagine yourselves at one hundred meters of height, on a cliff that overlooks on the ocean’s power; probably the first thing that you think certainly is the sense of vertigo, or the bother of cold Irish wind (picture); but i will tell you that there are a lot of other things.

I have had the fortune to stop me a few minutes up here, where the time, maybe for the crash of the waves that brakes against rocks, seems to stop, making an hypnotic athmosphere which allows to the mind to range over in everywhere surpassing every  horizon.

The view from here is undescribavle, and a simple picture won’t never transmit what this angle of world can give you; this place seems taken by a set of  “lord of rings”

The truth is that in this moment your desire is to be in these “Cliffs of Moher” and try the emotion to be king of the world from these Heights.

But i don’t want to do publicity for the Ireland, if you think this you are wrong; my objective is to transmit you the same emotions that i have had  leaned out from this window on the world and on the soul, that makes you forget every anxiety that the future of a boy can reserve.

Find your roof on the wolrd that is able to jump out your emotions; it can be the top of a cliff or the terrace of your house, this is not important.

But now i need to back with my feet on the ground, so i say goodbye and i give you this opportunity to reflect.


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