The last night of Joe (dramatic)



“This night, probably is the last time that me and you speak together  … The life is slipping away from my hands…Yes, i can’t complain, i lived a lot of time and i have received  a big quantity of satisfactions… the fact is that.. I don’t think to be ready, i mean… Why leave this wonderful world now? For this i pray you,to live a full life like fortunately i have done; also with sad moments, but necessaries to take experience to affront every situation.

I don’t know why on this planet we are only passing; we taste the wonders of the world, and we love their, and then….they take away from the hands…  I’m sorry if in this my existencei  have never understood why there are people that prefer who prefer hate to the love… People ready to everything for sway and money…. No…I don’t think that this is the sense of the life…I believe instead that the right way i sto respect the world around us.. and i’m sure also that this hatred can go to fuck!! I feel guilty to be so cheeky to say you these things; as i said, this is my last night, and everything is slipping away from me.. further and further away.. up to disappear….”

Written by Matteo Conte

Translated by Matteo Conte (sorry if the translation is not perfect, but i think that is better do mistakes that use google translater :-D) Happy new year 2017!




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